KM Dragon Boat Race

Support Martha in 2016 by entering a team in the KM Dragon Boat Race. The Annual KM Dragon Boat Race is taking place at Mote Park, Maidstone on Sunday 3rd July 2016. Teams of 11 compete with one of the crew beating a drum to dictate the pace of the paddles.

Teams take part in a minimum of three races, with the fastest teams competing in the finals at the end of the day. It costs £425 to book a boat and crew members are asked to raise as much money as possible towards their chosen charity.

For a limited time you can use promotional code KMDB16 to receive a £50 discount on your £425 registration fee. It is a challenge for those who wish to savour the ancient traditions of the dragon boat, as much as for those who want to test their strength and rowing technique by travelling across the 250m course in the fastest time. It is also a day for spectators as well as for people taking part.

Further information

If you are interested in taking part visit the KM website and remember to choose ‘Martha Trust’ from the ‘Supported Charity’ list on the application form. Please also let our fundraising team know if you plan to take part so we can send you out a fundraising pack. Contact fundraising on 01304 610448 or email

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