Meet the teams – Monte Carlo Madness

Each year we call for daring and intrepid adventurers to take part in the Martha Trust car challenge.

The people who take part in our car challenges are extraordinary. From committed Martha Trust supporters who sign up every year, to first-timers who find out about us through the challenge – we salute you all!

Please support their amazing efforts by choosing a team to sponsor.

If you can’t join them – sponsor them!

Car 1 – Team Martha

Julie will be heading up the Martha car as it sets off for Monte Carlo in 2022.



Car 2 – Neon Neal and Magic Mike

This dedicated duo have signed up for their fifth car challenge, to join our 2022 adventure to Monte Carlo.



Car 3 – Shantala + Co driver

We are delighted that Shantala has chosen to join us for her second Martha Trust car challenge!



Car 4 – That’s Andy

Andy Barkel and Andy Sills will be joining our adventure to Monte Carlo



Car 5 – James Stiles and Justin Miller

James and Justin will be representing The King’s Head pub in Deal. This will be the third car challenge for the pub.



Martha TrustCar 6 – Ron and Francis

We’d like to welcome Ron and Francis to our 2022 adventure!



Martha TrustCar 7 – DDS

We are excited to welcome our new car challenge participants – Daniel Harle, Daniel Dunne and Terry Mansfield who make up car 7!



Car 8 – Keith Morrison

Our friends at Solley’s ice cream are joining us for Monte Carlo Madness 2022!



Martha TrustCar 9 – Adrian and Karen Lee

Adrian and his wife are our ninth team to sign up to our 2022 adventure to Monte Carlo!



Martha TrustCar 10 – Michael Keaveney and Robert George

Michael and Robert have signed up for their first Martha car challenge. #montecarlomadness



Martha TrustCar 11

Currently available as sadly our previous participants had to pull out.



Martha TrustCar 12 – Mutters

Richard and Andrew will be travelling in their ‘Mutt Mobile’ to Monte Carlo!



Car 13 – John and Ian

John and Ian are set to take on their second Martha car Challenge.



Car 14 – Chris and Kallum

Chris and Kallum have signed up for their second Martha car challenge!



Martha TrustCar 15 – Archy and Owen

Archy and Owen have signed up for their first Martha car challenge.