Rome or Bust 2013

Each year we call for daring and intrepid adventurers to take part in the Martha Trust car challenge which this year will see them journey to Rome.

The people who take part in our car challenges are extraordinary. From committed Martha Trust supporters who sign up every year, to first-timers who find out about us through the challenge – we salute you all!

We are now full for 2024 car challenge – Rome or Bust. If you would like to go on our waiting list in case we have any teams pull out then please email

If you can’t join them, then please support their amazing efforts by choosing a team to sponsor.


Car 1 – Team Martha

Julie, Alice and Carol from Martha Trust will be heading to Rome in our 2024 car challenge.



Car 2 – Chris Ells

Seasoned car challenger Chris is back to join us for another adventure! 



Car 3 – Kallum Ells

Kallum joins us for his third car challenge as we head to Rome



Car 4 – Adrian and Karen

Adrian and Karen are joining us for their second car challenge – following our adventure to Monte Carlo in 2022.



Car 5 – Chris and Stacey

Chris is back for his third adventure, having completed Monte Carlo Madness and Bonkers in Barcelona.



Car 6 – Ron

Ron is joining us for his third car challenge – we can’t wait to see his car theme for 2024!



Martha TrustCar 7 – Ryan and Pat

Pat is joining us with his friend Ryan for his second car challenge.



Car 8 – Andy Barkell

Andy is back for another adventure. Andy joined us in 2022 for Monte Carlo Madness.



Martha TrustCar 9 – Mark and Luke

Mark and Luke are joining us for their first car challenge.



Car 10 – James and Ryan

Veteran car challengers, James and Sam, rejoin us after a year’s break. Great to have you back on the road.



Martha TrustCar 11 – Steven Whetton & Gavin McGeehan

Steve and Gavin are joining our adventure to Rome in their first car challenge.



Car 12 – Paul Ashcroft

Paul and friends are back for another adventure. They first joined us in 2011 for Monte Carlo Madness. Sponsor Car 12



Martha TrustCar 14 – Mark and Steve

Mark and Steve are taking on their first car challenge this year. We are so pleased you can join our adventure.