Fleeing to Florence teams head home

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Fleeing to Florence teams head home

It’s home sweet home for the teams  in this years’ Fleeing to Florence car challenge.

In just four days our intrepid teams made the journey from Dover to Florence in cars worth no more than £200.
Each team has raised thousands of pounds towards our work so a massive well done and thank you to everyone who took part and to all those who supported their cars.

It was a record year for participants with 29 taking part in 13 cars. Twelve of the thirteen cars made it all the way to Florence – sadly one car didn’t make it on to Florence and had to be left in Tremezzo on day two, but the team jumped in another car to finish the challenge.

In total we have raised over £25,000 in sponsorship to date. With some money still due in we hope to reach £30,000 which is a brilliant achievement!

A big Thank you to our main sponsors Nick Cunningham Plumbing and Heating Engineers, Redfortress Ltd, Sota Solutions, Systems Technology, Wards  and our ferry sponsor DFDS Seaways. Their support ensures as much of the individual car sponsorship goes towards the work we do in transforming the lives of people with profound disabilities.

  • F2F_2019_Settingoff_Car1
  • F2F_2019_Settingoff_Car3
  • F2F_2019_Settingoff_Car4
  • F2F_2019_Settingoff_Car5_2
  • F2F_2019_Settingoff_Car6
  • F2F_2019_Settingoff_Car7
  • F2F_2019_Cars_Day2
  • F2F_2019_Settingoff_Car8
  • F2F_2019_Settingoff_Car8_2
  • F2F_2019_Settingoff_Car9
  • F2F_2019_Settingoff_Car9_bonnet_mainsponsors
  • F2F_2019_Settingoff_Car11
  • F2F_2019_Settingoff_Car12
  • F2F_2019_Car7_plasticwrapped
  • F2F_2019_Settingoff_Car12_3
  • F2F_2019_Settingoff_Car12_4
  • F2F_2019_Settingoff_Car14
  • F2F_2019_Settingoff_cars
  • F2F_2019_Settingoff_cars_2
  • F2F_2019_Settingoff_cars_3
  • F2F_2019_Settingoff_cars_4
  • F2F_2019_Cheers_MikeNealJames_Justin
  • F2F_2019_Day1_Meal
  • F2F_2019_Day1_Meal_2
  • F2F_2019_Day2_driving_enteringSwitzerland_Car5
  • F2F_2019_Day2_driving_Switzerland_3
  • F2F_2019_enroute_Car2_Neal_Mike
  • F2F_2019_lastnight_drinks
  • F2F_2019_lastnight_groupphoto
  • F2F_2019_Day2_Meal_AllTeams

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