Our Commitment to Quality

At Martha Trust we strive to deliver the very best level of care, with quality and the welfare of our residents at the forefront of the services we provide. We aim to be transparent in everything we do.

Active Support at Martha

A new initiative introduced as ‘Good Practice’ through the ‘Department of Health’s Creating an Ordinary Life’ programme. It aims to empower people with learning disabilities to participate in everyday activities and take greater control over decisions about their lives and care. When people have difficulty communicating verbally, assumptions are often made about their needs and their ability to make choices.

Rather than relying on verbal communication, Active Support brings together all forms of communication from gestures and sign language to body language and symbols. It focuses on intense interaction, building meaningful relationships and boosting self-esteem and it gives people the confidence and the opportunities to make their voice heard.

Active Support is making a very real difference to the way we communicate and interact at Martha.  It improves engagement, increases choice and promotes independence among the people we support. Above all, it helps us to achieve our aim: to improve the quality of life for people with profound physical and multiple learning disabilities.

To find out more about Active Support visit ARC UK


Our latest CQC reports are available online
Martha Trust has also volunteered to be a CQC Pilot Site to help CQC tailor their inspections to homes that support people with PMLD.

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